Information Technology Services

A. K. Suda, Inc.'s Systems Division was formed in order to provide Suda's customers with expertise in the fields of ADP and computer systems. In order to provide such services, Suda has hired a team of highly talented personnel. Those team members are well-educated, often degreed, individuals, many who have been in the computer systems field for over twenty years.

With those professionals comes an array of talent that forms the base of the wide range of services that Suda is able to offer to its customers. Some of the many services Suda can offer are...


A. K. Suda, Inc. is the proud holder of several government contracting vehicles, including GSA 70BC ADP Supplies and Services, which facilitates contracting with government agencies..

We welcome the chance to speak to any business, small or large, or government agency about any of the services we offer. For more information, you mail email us or call us at (504) 835-1500 from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (CST).


A. K. Suda
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